Building Resiliency

April 21, 2017
Event Round Up
April 6, 2017
Blue Planet Forum
April 27, 2017

River restorations, rain gardens, dunes and more ways we can use mother nature to help reduce flood risk.

As man-made structures replace nature, there is less nature to absorb water when flooding occurs. The Nature Conservancy is a key partner behind a new effort to promote the use of nature-based solutions to help reduce the risk of floods. By investing in nature, other benefits for communities, like improved water quality and enhanced recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat, also result.

Naturally Resilient Communities highlights nature-based solutions that communities can employ to reduce flooding and realize other benefits. This partnership features a suite of case studies that showcase real, on-the-ground success stories.

Read more about how communities are using nature-based solutions to fight against flooding at The Nature Conservancy website.
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