CCRFR is guiding assessments of the resilience of the tourism industry at seasonal hot spots like the Virginia Beach oceanfront in collaboration with cities and local stakeholders. This research will guide development of customized tools and workshops to support business continuity in the face of flooding.

This research collaboration will advise coastal VA communities and help guide policy support for resilience to significant storm surges and flooding by analyzing the current overarching legal framework governing the tourism industry in Hampton Roads and throughout the Commonwealth. Through this endeavor, CCRFR will aid in identifying legal and policy impediments to resilient tourism, and help in detailing laws and policies that could be implemented to support resilient tourism. Although this project primarily focuses on the City of Virginia Beach, other communities will benefit from the resulting tourism resilience assessment and policy recommendations.


Tourism Business Resilience Self-Assessment

This self-assessment is a simple and inexpensive method for businesses and organizations in the tourism sector
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