Hampton Roads Solve-a-thon
June 7, 2018
Hampton Roads Sea Level Rise/Flooding Adaptation Forum
July 27, 2018

CCRFR Report


The Impact of Severe Weather Events on Hampton Roads’ Housing Market


“Homebuyers in Hampton Roads are becoming more cognizant of flood prone areas when searching for a home, which may result in decreased housing prices and a longer time-on-market.”


“Properties within the high-risk flood zones remained on the market for approximately 5 – 8 days longer than properties not in a flood zone.”



  • New CCRFR report authored by Timothy Komarek (Old Dominion University), Larry Filer (Old Dominion University), Timothy Hodge (Oakland University), Derek Loftis (Virginia Institute of Marine Science), and Jennifer Seay (Old Dominion University) examines how flooding in Hampton Roads impacts the housing market. Read the full report here.



  • Contact Info:

Timothy Komarek

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics,

Old Dominion University

Email: tkomarek@odu.edu

Read more about this at
News @ ODU





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